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Class 2 Document Signer

As the name indicates, Class 2 Document Signer Certificate is a certificate for signing documents. It is a Organizational certificate containing organization name in certificate. Organizations use this certificate for signing information or documents on software applications for operating automatic signing and authenticate of documents / information. Document Signer Certificates purpose is mainly for automated signing and also to reflect organizational responsibility. Class 2 Document Signer comes in .PFX format and can be installed on multiple servers for signing various transactions. We provide Class 2 Document Signer Certificate from eMudhra Limited for most smooth issuance and use of certificate.  Buy Class 2 Document Signer Certificate here from eSolutions from 

Class 3 Document Signer

Class 3 Document Signer is higher type of certificate in compare to Class 2 Document Signer. Class 3 Document Signer is also useful in automated signing of information and documents on organizational responsibility. Class 3 Document Signer certificate can be downloaded only on HSM ( Hardware Security Module ) where as Class 2 Document Signer can be downloaded in .pfx file. 

Class 2 and Class 3 document signer certificates are comes under the category of Special Purpose Certificates in the Interoperability Guidelines under Information Technology Act 2000 issued by CCA, these are termed as ‘Organizational Document Signer Certificate’. 

Class 2 and Class 3 Documents Signer Certificate can be issued for a validity period of 1 Years, 2 Years and 3 Years. 

We provide Class 3 Document Signer Certificate from eMudhra Limited for a smooth issuance and use of dsc.

Benefit of

Document Signer

  • Automate document signing with organization certificates with optional department-level identifiers.

  • Ensure document integrity, authorship and protect intellectual property.

  • Meet national and industry-specific compliance requirements for digital signatures.

  • Additionally, timestamp documents to support time-sensitive transactions, audit trails, and non-repudiation

Usage Area

 of Document Signer

  • Bulk signing of claims, agreements, invoices, GST, contract notes, offer letter, etc., in PDF or PFX format.

  • Electronic signing of insurance policies generated on the server.

  • Automate signing of recurring bills such as mobile bills.

  • Connectivity for online verification of PAN.

  • Signing log files in your applications to make them tamper-proof.

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